Based out of Los Angeles, California, Dustin Brooks is an Editorial and Commercial Photographer specializing in Action Sports.  His passion for Sports Photography developed as a young boy who grew up playing every sport under the sun.  It was after a severe skateboarding injury that Dustin decided to pick up a camera. His only goals were to continue being involved with skateboarding and to entertain himself while his friends still got to skate.  With well over fifteen years of skating and photographing the sport itself, Dustin saw first-hand how visual content often fell short. He sought and continues to seek a way to bridge that gap

After studying Commercial Photography at Brooks Institute, Dustin was brought to levels in his career far past anything he could have imagined. He worked extremely hard to land an internship with Andrew D. Bernstein Associates, Inc. and it gave him the motivation and determination he needed to thrive.

Now Dustin is actively working day in and day out on not only capturing the action, but also the raw emotions that come along with the passion each athlete is faced with during their worst and best times.